Virgo Postcard (Blank) Virgo Postcard (Blank)
Virgo Postcard (Blank)
Virgo Postcard (Blank)

Send the Virgos in your life this Primal Astrology postcard to let them know just how well you understand and appreciate them!

For Virgo season, Apogee is offering the ability to send your Virgo loved ones a handwritten postcard.

Write an approximately 40 word note with your order of one postcard, include your Virgo's mailing address, and Apogee will handwrite & mail the note (with a cool stamp).

NOTE: Please reply to your confirmation email with your note & the desired address. 


What is Primal Astrology? It is simply a mashup of Chinese birth year and traditional Western astrology combined to make 144 uncannily accurate descriptions.  Find out which Animal is uniquely you! The edges of this postcard show Chinese birth years and astrological dates, allowing you to easily locate your animal. A fusion of East and West, Primal Astrology provides a deeper, richer set of insights into the self. “I always knew I was a hedgehog.”

Digital print
5 x 7 in.